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Welcome to Restyle Living! My name is Shavonne, and as an interior designer and organizer turned sustainable lifestyle enthusiast, I am passionate about helping you create a well-designed, organized, and sustainable lifestyle that will bring you peace of mind and reduce chaos in your life.

My interest in all things eco began in 2021 when making the transition from Nashville, TN to Atlanta, GA. Having to downsize from our 2 bedroom 2.5 bath townhome to a 1 bedroom apartment I realize we can do more for the environment with less and without depriving ourselves. That's why I started this blog, not just as a place to share my eco tips and home hacks but to create a community of women of color dedicated to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

At Restyle Living, we believe in trying to be better, not the best, and realize that it's okay to not be perfectly sustainable in every part of our life. So, here I strive to be fully transparent about each eco tip I share, so you can weigh the pros and cons and choose which products or tips work for your lifestyle.

Join the Restyle Family of women looking to live a well-designed, organized, and sustainable lifestyle. Let's create a space where we can inspire and motivate each other to Restyle our Living spaces in order to live a more organized and sustainable lifestyle.

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