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I'm Shavonne, a professional organizer and home stylist based in Atlanta, GA and the founder of Restyle Living. A little about me, I’ve always had a natural passion for art and design and an appreciation for organization, especially in the home. However, it took years to transform this passion into my career, but I’ve truly found my calling within the home organizing and interior design industry! Our mission at Restyle Living is to help create well-organized and functionally designed spaces that will give you peace of mind and get rid of the chaos in the process. Whether your home is getting ready for sale or just needs a room organized, let us Restyle your space with our array of home services from Organizing to Styling - you can count on us as your home organizing and styling partners.

Bathroom Shelves
Restyled Living-1.jpg

I am so excited to share with you more of what we have to offer from a variety of services including:

  • Home organization for all spaces -

​       (Kitchen, pantry, bathroom, playroom,                       garage, closets, home office, etc.)

  • Virtual organization

  • Interior styling

  • Custom labels

Every service we offer begins with a 30 min video call as an opportunity for clients to show us around their homes and let us know which spaces are causing the most stress.

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