Restyled Bar Cart

Updated: Feb 15

As you may know my husband and I (Newlyweds) have just rented our 1st townhome together and are slowly transforming it into our cozy living space. Now that we have our main pieces (bed, dresser, desk, couch, etc.) we can now start to add the final details to each room starting with the living room.

Bar carts have been very trendy lately ranging anywhere from $80 to $800 so I’ve decided to take this $15 thrifted side table and Restyle it into my very own bar cart perfect for that empty corner in our living room.

To inspire you on your next furniture Restyle, see everything I did to create a bar cart out of this side table!

Time: 3 days including drying time approx. 9 hours Cost: $25


· Thrifted Side Table

· Sand paper (med and fine)

· Face mask

· Semi-gloss paint

· Paint sprayer or brush

· Drill, drill bit

· Wood Filler (Optional)

· Glass of Wine (Recommended)

Restyling Instructions:

1. Remove shelves. Put on mask and sand all surfaces (include shelves if painting) until smooth and free of any existing paint or finish. 

2. Dust all surfaces from any wood dust.

3. Paint all surfaces with semi-gloss paint. Let dry and repeat with second coat. *** I bought a 2 in 1 paint and primer but if don’t, then you would have to prime all surfaces prior to painting.

4. Additional Option - Take wine glass holders and 1 shelf. Turn shelf upside down and prep for making holes to fasten wine glass holders. Measure and mark where the holes will be and create holes with drill bit. Set shelf aside. ** drill bit must be smaller than screws.

5. When pieces are dry reassemble side table.

6. Add shelves in any pattern that works for your glasses and bar accessories

7. Enjoy a glass for all your work!

And it’s just that easy! What do you think about my side table turned bar cart furniture Restyle? Have you ever made a bar car like this before? Let me know in the comments below!

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