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Restyled Side Table

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I’ve had this old run down side table in our kitchen for almost a year now and with my crazy schedule it has been hard to find time to knock this project out. Well that is until now of course. 

Here is a photo of how this side table looked when I bought it:

This thrifted side table was in dire need of some TLC. Originally, I wanted to stain it, but after sanding the old finish, I quickly realized that I would not be able to get it all off and decided painting was my best option.

As far as deciding on what color to do, WELL I LET INSTAGRAM DECIDE. Narrowing my selections down to three different shades of blue I took to the gram. 

And the color you all selected was . . .  

drum roll please . . .  

Watery by Behr

This color is both modern and classy, two styles I love mixed!

Overall, I love how this piece turned out! The gold knob I’ve added gives this piece the pop of color that

What do you think of this furniture piece?! Is it too much for you or do you love the pop of color in furniture decor?!

Thanks again for following along! For my latest projects and sneak peeks, follow along on Instagram and Facebook!

Project Materials:

· Thrifted Side Table

· Sand paper (med and fine)

· Face mask

· Semi-gloss paint

· Paint sprayer or brush

· Gold Knob

· Wood Filler (Optional)

· Glass of Wine (Recommended)

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