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Coat Closet to Renter-Friendly Pantry using Walmart's "Home Edit" Products

Hey Guys! Today I’m sharing with you my renter-friendly pantry organization tips using items from Walmart’s “The Home Edit” Collection and my new Cricut Explore 3.

When we moved into our new small 1 bedroom rental apartment in Atlanta we knew right off the bat that we would need a little more kitchen space. It wasn’t a deal-breaker obviously, because everything else about the apartment was just what we wanted for both the price and location. So we made plans to move in even though the kitchen wasn’t the one of our dreams plus I’m usually able to make anything work for us even if we’re not in love with it.

After living in our apartment for a few months, and using that coat closet for random junk storage while some of my larger kitchen items sat in storage bins, I finally said enough is enough and decided to take our coat closet and turn it into the renter-friendly pantry of my Pinterest dreams!

I first started by pulling everything out of the closet and measuring the space to see what size rack could fit. I ended up grabbing this 4 Tier Wire Shelf from Walmart which fit perfectly under the existing coat rack. From there I began to plan out exactly what I needed to store in this space and what storage systems to grab.

I know I wanted to add our can foods, snacks, cereals, and overstock items in this new pantry area so when doing further research on the best and most affordable storage systems I came across The Home Edit’s 5 Piece Pantry Edit, Plastic Modular Storage System from Walmart for only $24.98 which comes with (1) 3-tier riser, (2) Large bins, and (2) Bin inserts. This was such a great deal, but I know this wouldn't be enough storage for all my items so I ended up also grabbing from the Home Edit collection (4) Large Bin, 10” x 10” x 6” and (1) 10” Turntable, as well as (3) Cereal storage containers and (2) Wire storage baskets all from Walmart.


For your convenience, I’ve included links to all Walmart items used in this post. These are affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Now it was time for the hard part, putting everything in the right spots. It took me a few tries to come up with the best layout for the bins but I finally figured out what worked best for all our pantry needs.

And for an added feature, also to help my husband remember where everything goes. I decided to use my new Cricut explore 3 to label the bins. It was super easy to do and only took a few minutes. I just selected my favorite font from the Cricut library making sure to size it to the bins, peel, and then tada our panty is complete!

It feels so much better to finally have an organized for all our snacks and overstock items! You should check out more before and after of our apartment on my Instagram (@restyleliving).

Pro Tip: Every week, it helps if I straighten up my bins and baskets, and do a tidy of the pantry so it stays looking neat.

I hope you enjoy this pantry organization blog post. If you’d like to organize with me, check out my YouTube channel (Restyle Living) so we can get organized together!



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